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Speaking at A4U London 18/19th October 2011

I was recently informed that I will be accompanying Kevin Gibbons speaking at A4U London. Although this is exciting news, I am also a bit nervous as it will be my very first conference.

I'm Speaking at A4U London Expo

Our presentation will cover many different strategies to help affiliates navigate the panda update by improving SEO both on and off-site. Below is an outline of what our presentation will be about.

Google’s ‘Panda’ algorithm update sent shockwaves through the online community earlier this year, and many affiliate sites have struggled to rank well ever since. But all is not lost – this presentation will cover a number of strategies and concepts which affiliates can use to improve their Google organic search traffic. In particular, we’ll look at how an affiliate can develop their site as a trusted online brand, with the aim of boosting traffic from organic search.

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Where is my Content!!

Wow, what a busy month I have had and not just at work either!

Since I came back from my Stag-do in Ibiza it has been non-stop getting all my client work in order to handover, guest blogging, submitting a pitch and organising the very first OxonDigital event.

Below is a quick round up of what I have been doing in the last month:

A4U London

Its coming to the end of conferences and I thought that I should really start pitching to try and speak at one conference before the end of the year. A4U London is a conference for affiliates that has a wide range of speakers across the online marketing industry making it a perfect event to pitch for. I have submitted a joint pitch with Kevin Gibbons discussing how SEO can help Affiliates.

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Using Social Media to Promote Local Events

Recently Marcus and I created a video about how we used social media to promote our Oxon Digital online marketing event.

In the video we discuss how we used social media platforms to generate interest in such an event, promote and sell tickets and the future long term marketing strategy for the newly created website.

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Oxon Digital’s First Meeting – 20th July 2011

So we have finally managed to agree on a date and venue for the first ever Oxon Digital social event for digital professionals.

Register today for the first Oxon Digital Social Event here

The free social event will take place at on Wednesday 20th July at The Red Lion, Gloucester Road, Oxford between 5pm – 8pm. As this is the first event we haven’t been able to generate any sponsorship, but we hope this will change as more events are arranged.

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Using Social Media to Create Topical Content

Yesterday Marcus & I decided it was time that we created our second video blog at SEOptimise to keep the momentum that we had built going.

In our newest video we discuss how you can utilise Social Media to create excellent topical content that can be promoted whilst the news is still valid. By using Social Media to identify trends you can create great content for SEO and build quick and relevant links whilst using QDF to help improve visibility.

Have a watch of the video and let me know your thoughts on twitter here.

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Google Analytics Integrates Webmaster Tools

How many hours do you flick between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools? If it is as much as me then you will be jumping around for joy today, as Google have announced that they are piloting the integration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

With the majority of the information provided by Google Analytics showing what happens after the users chose your website; and Webmaster Tools reporting on data before the initial choice, bringing the data together provides much more detailed reports.

The first phase of the integration will show limited reports including clicks and impressions, using search data from Google Webmaster Tools. Google say that “We hope this will be the first of many ways to surface Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics to give you a more thorough picture of your site’s performance.”

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Twitter’s Follow Button Launch is Countered by Google’s +1

Twitter have today launched the Follow button, allowing you to follow people from any website. Within minutes of reading about Twitter launching the follow button, Google issue a statement saying that users will be able to add the +1 button into your website too.

To me this begs that question, did Google no about the twitter launch and was waiting to guzump them or was this all just coincidence?

[More coming soon]

Go and get your twitter follow button for your website, I already have.

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SMX Advanced 2011 Day 1 – My Thoughts

As the dust settles on the SMX Advanced London conference for another year I wanted to give my honest opinion on the conference and whether it really deserves to be called “Advanced!” My opinion is unfortunately based on one day’s attendance at the conference, but I feel that is enough to have an opinion on the conference title.

Although I am going to discuss the conference I wanted to write it a blog based on the entire day which included the eventful journey to SMX Advanced. In the coming days I hope to get hold of the slides that were presented and provided a post based on my takeaways from each presentation.


The day began with an early wake up call to allow Marcus & I enough time to get a taxi to the station. On arrival to the station I provided the first comedy moment of the day by tripping up the steps, to the amusement of Marcus and our fellow commuters (great start to the day L).

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NMA Search Agency List – Friend or Foe?

The NMA Search Agencies Marketing Guide 2011 list was published online recently, and has caused quite a lot of conversation around the twitter sphere. The annual list has highlighted some interesting results with some big winners and losers.

The biggest loser in this year’s list seems to be Latitude with a loss of over £1,000,000 in turnover YOY, with fellow agencies iCrossingUK and Propellernet also seeing significant losses. Looking at the other end of the scale the biggest winners are Smart-Traffic with an increase of over £2,000,000 whilst Forward3D & Epiphany Solutions also saw huge increases.