Staying up to Date or Left Behind! You Decide..

Since announcing that I was leaving iThinkMedia, a number of colleagues have asked me how I keep up to date with the latest SEO news, techniques and debate.

For me this was quite a strange question as I have had Google Reader setup with RSS feeds for SEO resources that I regularly read for a VERY long time now. These SEO resources are then delivered to my Google Chrome browser as and when they are updated keeping me up to date all day.

Using Google Reader and Google Chrome I am able to sync my feeds anywhere that I have a computer/smart phone and internet connection. I thoroughly recommend using these tools to deliver your SEO resources direct to your browser instead of having to go looking for your information.

As a leaving present to my current colleagues I have compiled a list of SEO resources that I use on a regular basis in the hope that they can also use them to stay up to date. Although I sat down with them and showed them the resources I thought I would provide the same resources to everyone. To be honest nearly everybody that reads this will probably say “I already follow these”, but for those of you who don’t I feel they are very beneficial.

Below is a list of some SEO resources that I regularly use, not in any particular order, if there is an SEO resource that you use but I haven’t mentioned please let us know in the comments below:

  1. SEOMoz: The SEOMoz blog is written by some of the brightest minds in the SEO industry providing tips, tricks and advice for optimising your website.
  2. YOUMoz: Blog posts about online marketing, SEO in particular written by SEOMoz members or Mozzers. If your YOUMoz blog gets enough thumbs up and comments your blog post could get promoted to the main SEOMoz blog.
  3. eConsultancy: Latest digital marketing and ecommerce insight, analysis and opinion from multi-award-winning team of analysts and experts
  4. Search Engine Land: Search Engine Land is a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry from well known journalists including Danny Sullivan.
  5. SEO Gadget: SEOgadget brings expertise in large site architecture SEO, link building, strategic keyword research & social media strategy.
  6. Distilled: Leading UK search marketing agency Will Critchlow and Duncan Morris have created a very informative search marketing blog.
  7. Rishil Lakharni is a blog that discusses his own personal experiences and thoughts of the web marketing industry.

These are just some of the SEO resources that I read on a daily basis. As well as my SEO resources I always have my twitter feed open and regularly click the links that take my interest.

Apart from those SEO resources that I read on a regular basis I can almost guarantee you that I am missing out on some great content, so I asked a few people about what SEO resources they use that differ to those I have listed above.

Dan Taylor says that he always keeps an eye on the following:

Matt Taylor: “I tend to pick and choose lots of different blogs from my twitter feed and of course I read SEOptimise” as well as the ones also mentioned above.

Dean Cruddace said that apart from his own blog SEO-begin he regularly visits the following:

Do you agree with the resources that I have highlighted above as being some of the most influential in the SEO Industry? Would you add any to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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