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SEO ROI vs Social Media ROI

Today marks the day that I finally started to improve my personal brand on a level other than just Twitter & Facbook. From an idea that was thought up in our presentation training to our first video post. Take a look and let us know your thoughts on our very first video blog post.

Last week at our presentation training Marcus and I was discussing different ways that we could continue to improve our presenting skills and regularly use what we had learnt.

During that discussion I came up with an idea that we agreed would help continue our learning, provide us with some goood confidence going into the conference circuit whilst also providing some great content for the SEOptimise blog and enhancing our personal brands along the way. So all in all a win, win situation.

So today was the first step of putting that plan in to practice and below is our first video blog discussing SEO ROI vs Social Media ROI. Making the video took over an hour and 2 takes but hopefully from each new video we do the more confident we will get, the better the video would become and hopefully the personal brand will increase.

Now that I have chattered on for way to long, have a watch of the video and please try and get through it (I know its 12minutes) and provide us with feedback good or bad. You can either find me on twitter @danielbianchini or you can try looking for me here

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