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SEOptimise @ Internet World 2011

The SEOptimise road show hits Internet World hosted at Earls Court, London. Read what happened on an eventful first day from my own perspective.

Today was the first day of this year’s Internet World Exhibition that SEOptimise have decided to trade at, with the sole intention of improving both brand visibility and the number of clients that we have on our books. As for first days this one had everything from an eventful drive to a comedy finish that actually came from me.


The day started with an eventful car drive with Carla Nadin that started a little bit later than scheduled although still early at 7am. After making steady progress down the M40 with the general car banter at that time in the morning, we eventually hit the rush hour traffic in London around 8am. During the London leg of the drive it became apparent that if we were to get anywhere we had to drive like Londoners, so the famous Roman saying became “When in London, drive like a Londener”.

During our tour through the back streets of London (which took over an hour I would like to add) Carla decided to play Chicken with me where she slammed her breaks on (no traffic about at this point) throwing me forward to be caught by my seatbelt at the same time as she shouts “Chicken, Braaap, Braaap” in fits of laughter. Five minutes after Carla played the chicken prank, and she had stopped laughing we arrived at the hotel where the sales team were going to be based for the 3 day event, from here we walked across to the exhibition hall to join the other members of the team.

Once we arrived at Earls Court the home to Internet World over the past few years, we discussed how impressive the SEOptimise exhibition stand looked. Although I agreed that the stand looked very good, and thought about the day ahead Stuart Tofts (Director), Carla Nadin and Daniel Braddock from our sales team, joked about all the hard work that went into the design and development and marvelled in their success.


Once they had stopped drooling over the stand we began ensuring the last little bits were ready for the opening of the exhibition including the internet and the twitter feed that was setup for our panda themed competition.

The doors opened and in rushed the hundreds and thousands of people! Erm… Ok so in walked a few hundred people looking to get in early to visit all the stands before taking time to get to the seminars that were taking place.

Right from the get go the SEOptimise stand was generating a good amount of enquiries for all the services that we offer with both Daniel and Carla working their sales magic to generate those leads and book in SEO Audits/Healthchecks throughout the day.

The SEO Audit/Health checks proved to be a very good hit with everybody, and I soon had to rope in Stuart to run SEO Audits/Healthchecks alongside the ones I was running to help ease the demand that was being generated.

The SEO Audits/Healthchecks provided potential prospects a look at real examples of where their sites may have some flaws, and potential ways that they could improve those whilst also highlighting where they were doing a good job. The general feedback from the SEO Audits/Healthcheck proved to be positive and was much more helpful than just discussing what could be done verbally.

Away from our stand there were some other stand out exhibitors including my favourite Sage Pay that had turned their rather large booth into an outside picnic area that included BBQs (Discussion Areas), Shed (Brainstorming) and Picnic benches that allowed people to sit, relax and enjoy the coffee they had just bought for £2.40! OMG! Along with the many other exhibitors there were some very good key note speeches including those by Google, Facebook and Linkedin that drew the largest crowds, and provided us with a brief rest to get some much needed lunch and free time to roam the conference hall.


During one of those rest periods provided for me one of the stand out points of the afternoon. A member of another exhibiting stand decided to borrow one of our pens to, as he put it “Network” with one of the promo girls that were walking about. He obviously doesn’t know that mixing work with pleasure is never a good thing, but hey he had the balls to do it so good luck to him I say.


As the day drew to a close we were again stood discussing the stand and its features and in particular the large lightbox that we had, or so I thought! After 9 hours of working on the stand at the show I had completely missed our 4x2ft banner (see above) that was hung from the ceiling of the Earls Court Arena. This revelation made both Stuart and Daniel nearly fall over in laughter and who couldn’t understand how I had missed it, in my defence why would I look at the ceiling (good argument I thought)?

After the laughter had subsided and the tanoy had sounded, everybody left, which signalled the end of a very good first day so we headed to have a much deserved pint whilst I braced myself for a long journey home. In all I think personally the day was a success, we managed to generate a significant amount of leads that Carla and Daniel will follow up in the coming weeks whilst we also improved the brand.

So what is install for the next two days? I am afraid you will never know (because I won’t be there!) but after providing the entertainment for Carla in the morning and Daniel & Stuart in the evening I think that Marcus and Matt have a pretty hard act to follow, not!

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