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2011 Round Up

At the start of the year I wrote a blog post outlining what I was looking to achieve in 2011 from both a personal and professional point of view.

This post is a quick round-up of what I did and didn’t achieve.

Change Job

Back in February I wrote a post called “off to pastures new” where I talked about leaving iThinkMedia and moving to Oxford based search agency SEOptimise.

Buy a New Car

Well! Unfortunately this still hasn’t happened, and I am not happy about it! Although my current vehicle does the job, it’s not something that I am proud of and it was handed to me to fill the gap after I wrote my last car off. I am determined to ensure that next year I will get a new car.

Build a Personal Brand

I believe that I have done a lot to try and improve my personal brand this year, including going to as many SEO events and speaking to some of the well known SEOs. I have improved my contribution to SEO conversations on Twitter and answering questions on Q&A sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers.

I have increased the number of followers that I have on twitter, that has come due to increasing my presence on different blogs, attending conferences and free social events. This will be something that I will continue to improve in 2012 and beyond.

Speak at a Conference or Several

This year I managed to speak at my first conference A4U London, whilst I also spoke at OxonDigital and Oxford Brookes University. At A4U London I spoke alongside Kevin Gibbons on “SEO Tactics to Tame the Panda“. Although I was very nervous I feel that it went OK, feedback that I received was good, and I hope to pitch for a few more conferences in 2012.

Improve My Blogging

Improving my blogging style will always be a work in progress, but I feel that by writing for a few different audiences including SEOptimise, Search Engine Journal and OxonDigital I have started to write the type of content that people are finding valuable.

I am hoping that in 2012 this will continue to improve, and I am able to write on some of the biggest blogs within the SEO industry.

Other Achievements

Along with what I planned to do above I have founded a local digital networking event in Oxford called OxonDigital. This event is aimed at professionals within the Digital industry in Oxfordshire, that will allow people to speak to like minded people, whilst also hear from experts within their field.

Since starting back in July OxonDigital has grown from 12 members to 100 members at our last event in November. The aim has always been to have a local conference that talks about all aspects of the Digital industry.

I am hoping that 2012 will be as successful as 2011 and that I continue to push forward in all areas of SEO.

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