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Google Analytics Integrates Webmaster Tools

How many hours do you flick between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools? If it is as much as me then you will be jumping around for joy today, as Google have announced that they are piloting the integration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

With the majority of the information provided by Google Analytics showing what happens after the users chose your website; and Webmaster Tools reporting on data before the initial choice, bringing the data together provides much more detailed reports.

The first phase of the integration will show limited reports including clicks and impressions, using search data from Google Webmaster Tools. Google say that “We hope this will be the first of many ways to surface Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics to give you a more thorough picture of your site’s performance.”

With the majority of webmasters using both tools on a daily basis, having them integrated into one package will make working so much easier and more powerful.

Make sure you join Google’s limited pilot enabling you to have such integration into your analytics account.

Let me know your thoughts via twitter on the integration and how it will impact you on a daily basis

Google Webmaster Tools into Google Analytics


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