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SWBroadband - Web Hosting ProviderOver the last few years I have been meaning to move away from my former web hosting company Real Web Host. There was no specific reason for moving as I had been with them since I was at University, but I wanted to move to a UK based server and collate all my domains/hosting in one account.

Moving web hosting provider always felt as if it was going to be a painful experience, probably the reason I had put it off for such a long time. During this time I spoke to lots of people who had bad experiences with providers such as 123reg and Fasthosts, that I decided to bite the bullet and stay where I was.

Years passed, and I did nothing until I was speaking to Paul Rogers in the pub, during one of our regular meets. He was talking about how he was redesigning his website and came across an awesome hosting service provier called SWBroadband. We spoke at quite some length on the subject, where he explained what they had done for him, pricing, customer service, migration, etc. It seemed to good to be true, so I asked for an introduction.
After being introduced to Ryan Devonshire, owner of SWBroadband I could see why Paul had raved about them so highly. We discussed what SWBroadband could do for me and what they could save me on what I was currently paying before I took the jump and signed up for their hosting package, and began thinking about migrating my sites across to them.


Before signing up I asked Ryan how I go about migrating all my websites, databases, emails across to my SWBroadband account, and his answer was “I will do it!”.

To me that was a massive bonus as I didn’t fancy moving all my websites across.

I provided Ryan with all the account details to my other providers so that he could beign the migration and 4 hours later it was done! During the switchover to SWBroadband I didn’t encounter any downtime or any loss of content

Yup, that’s right I signed up and moved all my sites and parked domains across to my new provider within 4 hours. I could of been lucky with the timescale as Ryan mentioned it could take up to 72 hours similar to other providers, but I didn’t care.

Customer Service

During the whole process of moving my accounts across to SWBroadband the customer services has been first class. Ryan answered all the questions I put to him and even made suggestions on how to make the transfer as smooth as possible.

Since I have been on SWBroadband I have had several emails + SKYPE messages, checking to see if everything was up to standard, and that I was happy with the service I was recieving.

The level of customer service that I recieved from my previous hosting was good but a bit slow due to the time difference, but this has almost been instantaneous.

An example of that can be seen when I recently had a small problem with a wordpress plugin, that I reported it via a ticket late at night. I woke the following morning with a response and the issue being fixed. To me this just goes to show how dedicated they are to providing users like me with a great service and I hope that this continues.


I am really happy that I have now made the move across to SWBroadband, and would thoroughly recommend them if you are looking for a UK hosting company. If you want to have a chat with Ryan you can contact him @swbroadband or you can email sales[@]

Find out more information about SWBroadband here.

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    • Thanks for the comment Ryan. I just wanted to show my appreciation for the work that you have put in on moving my accounts across to SWBroadband, and to make sure everybody is aware of the services you provide.

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for the comment. I thought SWBroadband were very helpful, and like you said it was a pain free process which is always great when you are moving providers. When did you move to SWBroadband?


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